How we helped a top trading platform bring Wall Street-quality content to Main Street

All individual investors really want is a level playing field where they can get the same institutional-quality news and financial research as the big boys in the oak-paneled offices.

qbeats is leveling the playing field for traders
qbeats is leveling the playing field for traders

Is that too much to ask for?

We don’t think so. That’s why qbeats is excited to announce the launch of the qbeats TradingApp on TradeStation.

The App slots right into the TradeStation User’s desktop environment and delivers actionable news coverage and research on all the major financial markets from dozens of top publishers, many of them accessible to individual investors for the first time ever. Users buy individual content items and/or subscribe to the favorite publishers.

A new audience for publishers and a new level of access for individual investors … that sounds like a winner to us (though the guys in the oak-paneled offices may disagree).

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